Who are Friends Together?

Friends Together are a group of people, men and women, who have experienced bereavement at one point or another and with help have managed to find new hope for the future. We are people who listen and also can just sit together.

What can I expect?

When Friends Together meet, we usually share time together over refreshments, it is very relaxed and there are no expectations at all.

Who comes?

Our Monday afternoon sessions are for anyone who is bereaved (not necessarily recently) or knows someone who is struggling with bereavement. Namely people who are seeking company and friendship with others who understand their situation.

Our monthly Thursday evening session is aimed at providing a space for those who have other commitments which preclude them from coming during the day.

Can I bring my friend / parent / neighbour?

Yes! We find that people often get to a point where they are overwhelmed and need some new faces who can relate to their situation to step passed the pain of bereavement.  If you know someone who is struggling to cope, you and they don't have to cope alone, come and see us.