Covid-19 Update:  We are pleased to announce the restart of our Monday afternoon meetings (3 - 4.30pm) on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month commencing 13th September 2021.  Our Monday evening meetings (7 - 8.30pm) will be on the 1st evening of the month commencing the 4th October.  The remaining Monday evenings will continue using Zoom.

Please also note that our venue has been changed from the Spire Café to the Riverside Café in the Farnham Maltings.  Feel free contact us for more information on 07999 368128 or e-mail on

A group supporting those who are bereaved, through the difficult days, weeks, months and even years following their loss.

Informal get-togethers over a cup of tea, provide opportunities to talk.

Bereavement is not a medical condition or a health issue, but left unsupported it can become one.

  • Are you bereaved and finding it difficult to cope?
  • Trying to cope with those horrible dark days that follow?
  • Do you need somewhere to go and somebody to turn to who will understand?
  • Do you want to talk and feel that people just expect you to have ‘moved on’?

If you would like to meet socially with other bereaved people who will understand how you feel, join us.

It’s impossible for anyone to completely understand the massive life changes which bereavement brings unless they have experienced it first-hand.

Friends Together is run by volunteers, who are not trained counsellors or medical practitioners, but people with a listening ear and time for others.

Coming up...

Friends Together via Zoom
 Monday 29th November
 7.00pm - 8.30pm

An Evening with Friends Together
 Monday 6th December
 7.00pm - 8.30pm
 Riverside Café, Farnham Maltings

Friends Together at the Riverside
 Monday 13th December
 3.00pm - 4.30pm
 Riverside Café, Farnham Maltings

‘People avoided the subject, but I needed to talk, I just felt even more alone. They behaved as if he’d never existed, as if they thought I should just forget [and] move on. Forget? 50 years we’d been together, I didn’t know how to exist, live, be, without him. Thank goodness for Friends Together, here were people who did understand, who didn’t avoid the subject, I had found a safe place to breathe, a place to laugh. My new friends just accept me as I am. I love being free to talk about my husband, or the tennis, or my pot plants, anything really. Life is not over, we know that is true, we are Friends Together.’ Anon