Grief can turn a world upside down

When you lose a loved one, you don't have to be alone...

‘Its like waves on a beach. You can be standing in water up to your knees and feel you can cope, then suddenly a big wave comes and knocks you off your feet.’ Anon

Coming up this week...

Friends Together
Our informal weekly friendly get-togethers, where anyone who is recently bereaved and would like support, can meet others in a similar situation over a cup of tea.  Do you know anyone who is grieving and would like support?
 Monday 16th July
 3.00pm - 4.30pm
 40 Degreez, Dogflud Way, Farnham

Evening with Friends Together
Do you know anyone who is grieving from bereavement and would like support?  If so, bring them along to our informal friendly get-togethers, where, over a cup of tea, they can meet others in a similar situation.
 Monday 23rd July
 8.00pm - 9.30pm
 40 Degreez, Dogflud Way, Farnham

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